JKA Winter Camp - Paris - 9 & 10 décembre 2017

To all members and friends of the Japan Karate Association:

In collaboration with the Japan Karate Association Headquarters - Japan, we are pleased to announce the 2017 JKA Paris Winter Camp, and hope all of you will participate in this annual event.

This international seminar is open to all traditional karate-ka regardless of affiliation and/or association.

The details are as follows:

  1. Organizer: Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Japan Karate Association World Federation France - JKA/WF France.
  2. Purpose: Improvement of Techniques and Instructional Skills.
  3. Directed by: Naka Tatsuya Sensei - 7th Dan JKA - from Takushoku University.
  4. Contents:

A) Technique Instruction.
B) Dan Examination: up to godan (5th Dan).

*Exams are for JKA Members only.

Forms and more information will be coming soon.



Cours spécial dirigé par Naka sensei - Paris - 5 décembre 2016




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